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Grundfos Surface pumps

     CR Flex 3-9

     CR Flex 5-5

     CR Flex 10-2


Lorentz  Surface Pumps

       PS150 Booster

       PS600 CS17-1

        PS1800 CS37-1 




Irrigation Systems                                                           

The solar power system is installed near the water source. The submersible water pump, delivers water from the water source to the water reservoir for drip irrigation and flood irrigation. The systems are completely scalable, with output ranging from less than a gallon a minute to a thousand gallons a minute or more.


There is really no limitation to what is possible.  Your water supply system will be designed to meet your specific requirements, and will be based on such factors as water source, output required, water use, total dynamic head and your geographic location.





the water pumped from the water source with the solar panels is delivered to a water reservoir in the farm. The term ‘micro-irrigation’ refers to drip, trickle, spray, micro-jets or mini-sprinkler systems designed to use available water more effectively. Micro-irrigation is a localized irrigation method that slowly and frequently provides water directly to the plant root zone via emitters. Crops are planted according to the emitter positions on the laterals. The water reservoir is elevated above the field to create the necessary head pressure to enable water release at all emitter points. The water reservoir is elevated above the field to create the necessary head pressure to enable water release at all emitter points.


Solar powered water pumps can lift water thousands of feet, and across many miles. They provide water for crop irrigation, for livestock, or for people in even the most remote locations. Powered entirely by the sun, solar pumps need no fuel, no generator, and no connection to an electric grid. These systems are designed for many years of flawless performance and require very little attention.


 A solar powered drip irrigation system makes it possible to grow in this dry regions. Solar powered irrigation pumps makes agriculture possible in areas that previously could not be farmed. Innovations in solar pump design now make all kinds of irrigation possible. Drip irrigation, sprinklers, micro-emitters, flood irrigation, even center-pivot irrigation systems can be powered without fuel, and without a connection to an electrical grid. Sustainable Approach to Water Pumping and Distribution Systems: Solar powered agricultural water systems can be scaled for small farm sizes for 1m³ per (1 cubic meter, or 264 gallons) per hour to a megawatt or larger providing 1,000m³ per hour (264,000 gallons per hour) or more. Solar Water systems can be provided to pump from wells, rivers or bodies of water.




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