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Research and Development

Global leader of PV cell technologies through innovation and invention

With its tremendous efforts spent on research and development in advancing PV technology through innovation and invention, JA Solar has firmly established itself as a globally recognized PV technology leader with a six-month to twelve-month leading edge ahead of the others. JA is very proud to be the first company in the world started mass producing and commercializing selective emitter, MWT, and PERC structured PV cells and applied double-printing technology to all cell manufacturing lines.

Industry front runner of PV module performance based on proprietary technical approaches

Relentlessly pursuing process optimization of PV modules assembly process and continuously improving their performance and reliability are the key engineering focus of JA Solarís extensive R&D efforts. Using proprietary technologies and various innovative approaches, in combination with its advanced cell technologies, JA Solarís PV modules consistently out-perform competitorsí modules by 5-10 watts in terms of power rating.

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