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 K. I. Limited  was incorporated in 1992, as a trading and investment company. In 2005 the company took a giant step by registering, Sunflower energy TM as Photo-voltaic provider, dedicated to promoting sustainable energy and water policies and practices in Africa. Currently we are developing a future solar module assembly plant in Africa, with partnership with a Chinese Solar company. The solar cells to be used for assembly is manufactured in china, its made from high power Monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar cells.  we register another trademark same year; Green energy TM as a Power system Unit Provider to promote clean energy systems unit.     



The power systems units are innovative power system designed for commercial, residential and industrial applications. The power system has been carefully engineered and manufactured to give you a dependable operation, reliability and mobility.  Our recommended products are certified to ISO, SON and CE standards. An internationally recognized quality standard.  The System we recommend and install are built with the state-of-the-art, ISO 9001:2000 certifications. certifications to this standard helps provide our customers and suppliers with continued confidence in our abilities.

Sunflower energy is one of the leading developers and installers of clean power system in Africa, with a total of 500kW power system installed, powering about 50 residential and commercial business in Africa with reduction of 40,000 tons in CO2 emission. We are one of the leading water schemes developers and installers of clean water supply and distribution systems, severing small town units, residential and commercial businesses, and providing water to 3.5 million people every day.


 Our focus is on exceeding customer expectations, with our undeniable   performance, defined methodology and unsurpassed solutions design. We provide clients with our premier power solutions, Our objective is providing high Quality operational services. Also to provide clients with our and turnkey water solutions. The high degree of the in house production used by engineers is our companies guarantee that the customers always receive a stable and reliable power systems.  We accomplish this by focusing on delivering solutions that solves your basic power problem by delivering solid value that improves your business success today and in the future. Our Power system is an energy source which when Installed will guarantee savings to be realized within a specific time frame.  Our focus is on exceeding customer expectations with our undeniable performance, defined methodology, unsurpassed solutions design, experienced staff, superb customer service and understanding of your business power problems. 


We will perform an assessment of the proposed energy or water schemes to determine which system is best suited both technically and economically for your project. We will also recommend sustainable and renewable applications for small town water projects.  This Model will to ensure clean  energy or water supply to the community, school, sanitation and health centers. With the experience gained in the completed projects, SE is equipped to take on any future projects installation to ensure supply of clean and sustainable energy systems and water supply to consumers in any part of the world.    



People & Management 


At the peak of the management is the board of directors, which deals with policy and operational issues. The Group managing director (GMD), reports to the board and deals with the day to day management of the Group. The two trademarks are headed by Deputy managing directors (DMD) who control the individual trademarks (units) and reports mainly to the GMD.  Inter-divisional movement of staff is permitted and encouraged as dictated by operational needs. The company’s organizational chart is shown below;


Technical Personnel




C. Ezeagu-Kodilinye  B.Eng  ( Founder & CEO)  

Ezeagu-Kodilinye is the Chairman and Managing Director of the company. He is also the founder of the technology trademark Sunflower energy TM.  Before the establishment of the trademark, he worked with Arimong technology & services inc Saskatoon, Canada, as the Country director responsible for deployment of the company’s renewable energy projects.  He initiated the company’s subsidiary company; ATS Nigeria Limited. He further was appointed a Technical director for Goshen II Technique Limited and later left the firm to setup his Trademark. He has successfully managed the company since inception during which he secured and executed several renewable energy water scheme projects for Rotary club, Water Aid, MDGs and ENRUWASSA. He is responsible for deployment and installation of the solar water pumping system for the health facilities.  email: CEO@sunflowerenergy.org 

Allen Wynn   USA Country Representative (Country Rep)

Allen is responsible for the company's operations in the United states and North Americas. He is presently working on an Off Grid Solar Power Project in Baltimore, Maryland.   email: USrep@sunflowerenergy.org



Ifeanyi ikwueze  Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

ifeanyi is the Chief Technical Officer  for the company. responsible for design and deployment of the company’s renewable energy projects.   email: CTO@sunflowerenergy.org


   Hanson Gu (China)  International Operations 

 Hanson Gu is the responsible for all international operations of the company. he is the founder of King Kong Solar China. Before the establishment of Solar Assembly facility, he worked with Jetion Solar in China. he was the director responsible for marketing and deployment Solar modules around the world.  He further was appointed was the Technical director for Goshen II Technique Limited for supplies of raw materials to NASENI. the Solar Assembly Plant in Karishi, FCT Abuja. He has successfully managed the company int'l operations since appointed.  email: int'lop@sunflowerenergy.org


Christian Adebeaju. B.eng

She studied engineering in Federal University of Akure. She is a fellow of the Nigerian Society of Engineering and also a registered member COREN. (Find attached COREN certificate and the World engineering conference on sustainable infrastructure WECSI 2014). She has a wealth of experience and expertise and has contributed greatly to all engineering works carried out by the company. She is responsible for all engineering works and will be supervising the drilling, Casing, construction of Elevated tank stand and Water hydraulic and mechanics system of the Borehole.  email: c.ade@sunflowerenergy.org    


Mr. Obinna Ejike Bsc Geology and Mining (Hydro geologist)

He worked at Enugu State Rural water and sanitation agency (ENRUWASSA) as the lead hydro geologist for 8 years.  He is responsible for analyzing the Hydro geological formations and Vertical electrical sounding carried out by our company. He will be responsible for VES execution, determining the GPRS coordinates, GPS location, GPS Elevation above sea level, hydro-geological formations, aquifer, characterizes, water levels and propose drill depths. And will recommend if drilling is viable to effectively supply water for the health centers.   email: obinna@sunflowerenergy.org



Mrs Chinazo Ezeagu-Kodilinye B.sc   (Administration)

Mrs Chinazo is the Executive director of the company with over  5 years in Management experience. She is s a graduate of Physiology . Her work experience cuts, across credit analysis & review, administrative and relationship management in various organizations  email: chinazo@sunflowerenergy.org





Executive Management


Group Managing Director – Prince C Ezeagu-kodilinye

DMD Sunflower energy TM – Prince C Ezeagu-kodilinye

Company Secretary – Mrs. Onyeoma Adigwe                                                                                         Finance director Mr Ugochukwu Ugwu

General Manager –  Ms. Love Simon                                                                         Administration/Controller/Personal – Ms. Chinenye Kodilinye                                                      Production & Engineering – Ismalia Ugwu                                                                                                   Marketing/Purchasing/ Legal – Barriste Jovita                                                                                        Quality control & Shipping – Jaken Zhan (Hong Kong)                                                                  International Operations –  Hanson Gu (China)                                                                                  Prototype Development Research/development -   Hanson Gu (China)   Planning/operations/Project Coordinator- Onochie Oti                                                                          Bank officer: Jideofor ugwu








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